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Businesses are moving step further to cloud applications. Security by obscurity, don’t leave your data or portable computing devices alone and in view. Cloud service provides greater scalability with reduced cost. However, cloud security risks and cloud data compliance continue to be the primary hurdle for cloud adoption by enterprise organizations.

Cyberurity eliminates cloud security issues by delivering complete cloud security solution to secure sensitive data across all of your cloud applications.

As many organizations are adopting cloud applications, the more threats are rising. That is supposed to be addressed by specialized expert team. Here at Cyberurity we ensure our customers the security of their cloud application that helps them in many ways which includes:

  • Cloud DDOS protection
  • High availability
  • Secure data transmission
  • Regulatory compliance

Protect the device

We ensure security of our end user’s devices that are linked to the cloud system. End users must be protected first as they are the primary stakeholder to the system.

Protect the Application

Cloud security solution provides with application level security, as securing data for all users by separating and authenticating that information is compulsory.

Protect the Transaction

We ensure that transactions can be protected from rooted and jail-broken devices, fraudsters and mobile malware.

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